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World famous greyhound handicapper Bill McBride's new book, HOW TO BEAT THE DOG RACES, will tell you the best ways to beat the odds at dog racing, how to figure those odds and new ways to WIN!

In simple, easy-to-understand "layman's" language, the author will introduce you to both "basic" and "advanced" handicapping techniques that can make you a WINNER!

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Chapters include:

1. Overview of Greyhound Racing

2. Deciphering the Printed Race Program

3. How Tracks And Grades Differ

4. Statistical Handicapping Methods

5. “Situational” Handicapping

6. The Basic Approach To A Winning System

7. Developing The Most Opportune Wagers

8. Winning Without Handicapping

9. Computer Aids To Handicapping

10. Wagering On Off-Track Simulcast Races

PLUS: A listing of all Greyhound Tracks

PLUS: An Appendix of Racing and Handicapping Terms

McBride’s original 1983 book, GUIDE TO GREYHOUND RACING, was an all-time best-seller in this field. HOW TO BEAT THE DOG RACES is even bigger and better!

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As one leaves the race track, discarded programs can be seen in the trash receptacles, on the floor, and in the parking lot.  The fans who threw away these programs are very likely losers, and they won’t be any smarter the next time they return to the track.

One of the major differences between those who regularly WIN at the dog track, and those that DON’T, is that the winners learn from their experience.  They do so by keeping records, by studying past programs, and by paying attention to their wagering performance.

In short, the winners keep records and gain knowledge  from them, the losers tend to “trust to luck”.

How much “homework” is required to get into the winner’s column? It varies from person to person.  Even the bettor who is betting “numbers”, or on “cute names” or the way the dogs hold their tails during the post parade will catch a winner now and then. But for a profit over the long haul some effort is required. This could be a matter of spending as little as five minutes “studying” a race, or, for some, fifteen or twenty minutes, (requiring that a program be obtained in advance.)

Which racing factors to look into, and how best to compare the potentials of each of the 8 dogs in a given race, will best be learned by reviewing one’s own race records.


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